6 KPI’s en statistieken voor klantenservice voor 2023 en daarna

customer support kpis

High abandonment rates hurt overall customer service and satisfaction. Talkdesk reported that the three industries with the highest average abandonment ratewere the government and public sector (7.44%), transportation and logistics (7.4%), and healthcare (6.91%). Knowledge base views have nothing to do with customer interaction with an agent.

customer support kpis

Manually assigning tickets can take up a lot of time and effort, and asking agents to take up tickets can lead to cherry-picking. So you need to opt for an efficient alternative system such as automatic ticket assignment. If we’re using general benchmarks, we can be very satisfied with this number.

Why you should pay attention to your customer service

The fewer left unresolved, the more successful your customer service has been. You can adapt this metric by figuring out the first contact resolution (FCR) rate, which identifies just the cases resolved during the first interaction. CSAT measures your customers’ feelings immediately following an interaction with a customer service agent. As with CES, you can send out a Likert scale survey question to capture your customer’s satisfaction level on a scale from one to five. The data-driven nature of success metrics empowers teams to make informed decisions, remove gut fell, and have a clear understanding of the impact of their work.

By tracking customer service metrics, companies can identify areas of improvement and make necessary changes to ensure customer satisfaction. They also offer great customer service with a timely response and accurate information, resolve customer issues, and create a general positive brand image. One can customize the application’s ticketing system to suit business needs using the built-in field templates. The system also features notification alerts, service levels and escalations, and proactive notifications. Also included is a plug-and-play ITIL, which eliminates the need for consultations as it adheres to best practices.

Contact Center of the Future: Empower Agents with AI…

If you’re seeing a high volume of tickets relative to your customer base, customers are experiencing a lot of problems. Customers who are very satisfied or even delighted with your customer service will often go a step further and recommend your business to their friends and contacts. Their likelihood to do this can be measured using Net Promoter Score. You can minimize AHT by decreasing time your customers are waiting and optimizing each back-and-forth interaction. Using hybrid support models, like human+AI vs. purely human agents can significantly help reduce wasted seconds. You need to understand if you are getting more service requests because your product/service is broken or because you are getting more customers.

customer support kpis

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